Kids Publish Instantly – Kids Can Publish Articles Too

By Kenton Verhoeff

When I first started writing, I wanted to do more than just write for class. My mom suggested I write articles about what interested me and publish them on EzineArticles. At first, I thought I’d have a hard time getting published, and it was a little difficult getting past “Mom the Editor.” But, once I got past mom, it was pretty easy to get them published.

There were a few rejected articles at first, because I added links, misspelled links, or had a minor problem with an article, such as miscounting my bullet points, but in reality, it was all easy. And other people began to pickup my articles for publication. That was pretty awesome. At first I only had a Free Blog to send them to in my resource box, but then I got a regular website with my name on it.

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I learned to write articles with:

  • high quality content (because ezine article rejects empty articles)
  • good grammar
  • accurate spelling
  • information about something other people would be interested in.
  • interactive links that showed value and information.

I wasn’t sure what I could write about, but Mom helped me with that too. She suggested I write about what I do. I write, and I home school. I’m also interested in Komodo Dragons, so I created a free website about that. I included some of my other interests there, but I wanted my website to be more professional.

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So I learned to write about important things, like:

  • education and what I was learning, but more importantly, what others could learn from me.
  • writing and how others could write too.
  • designing my website and how other kids could accomplish the same thing.
  • resources other people could use on their websites.
  • valuable information and content that other people would look for.

My website was simple, but ineffective at first, then I figured out I had a large audience, and that’s when I started writing more articles, adding more to my website, and increasing the value of my links. So, for all of you out there who think just because you’re twelve years old, you don’t have anything of value to say, I’ve got news for you. Not only do you have something to say, but people want to read what you say, and they want to know more about what you’re saying.

If you have something to say, write it into an article with some information about how others can accomplish their goals, write better articles, or achieve something important and write it down, in more than 400 words. If EzineArticles thinks it isn’t good enough, they’ll reject it like your teacher at school and you can rewrite it. (The best part is, you don’t flunk the class, you just rewrite your article.)

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So, write articles and post them at and bring readers back to your website with a resource box that tells us about you.

Do you want to know what a resource box is? It’s that blurb at the bottom of your article where you put your website link, your name, and some information about you, so people will click on your link and go back to your website.

Here, read mine:

Kenton Verhoeff home schools and sells his book “Corky the Happy Lizard” on his website at and you can learn how he does it by clicking on his link.

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