Brand Recognition

Brand RecognitionBrand Recognition Matters

You probably already know why brand recognition matters, but I’m going to remind you of a few simple concepts anyway. The key elements of your brand come with a direct focus on your product, your service, and your ability to meet your clients needs. But there’s so much more…

How does your brand make them feel?

These days with all the trigger talk about words, safe places, and feelings being the real issue, you’re probably rolling your eyes at me, but your brand will have a solid FEELING that brings your clients to you, or rejects them and sends them running to your competitor. Know this: If a person is looking for your product or service, they will find a place to purchase the product or service, from you, or elsewhere.

How your website looks and feels will keep your client there, or send them away. 2.7 minutes. that’s the amount of time you have to either captivate them and pull them in as your buying client, or they’re gone… Probably for good.

Your brand has a significant power in your ability to keep them or send them scrambling for the exit.

Does your brand appeal to their greater sense of goodness?

More than making them feel good. Your brand must fill them with a sense of goodness. Integrity, honesty, and reality should be vividly visible in your brand, and recognizable from the first glimpse.

For your brand to appeal, it must have four pertinent values:

  • attract people to your site.
  • draw them in and capture their interest.
  • keep them coming back again and again.
  • convince them to refer their friends.

Once those values are visible within your website, brand recognition becomes a reality and your readers easily find you even on a random search through google, or bing.

Keywords Matter for Brand Appeal

While your reader may not recognize your keyword targets, or even know they’re on the page, the search engines find you by the words your readers seek, and plaster you on the front page of their reveals due to the words used. Your keywords matter, because they brand your website, your business, and your content. Use keywords effectively.

keywords matter

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