But then he said, “I just don’t think I need a newsletter to keep my readers coming back.” And he hung up the phone.

Three months later, he called back and said, “I’m not selling anything from my website, are you sure it shows up?”

Yes, when you do a google search, your website is actually on the front page, and it shows up well in a variety of keyword searches. You need a newsletter to bring those people back to your site, so they can view what you have again.

Just a reminder, it takes 7 contacts for a client to feel comfortable enough to buy off your website (or in person).

He disconnected and I didn’t hear from him for a couple of days. I knew he was kind of frustrated that his website was showing up, but nobody was buying from him. But I’d also noticed that he wasn’t making any real effort to invite anyone back to his site, even on social media.

We didn’t talk until my training and conference call the following Saturday morning.

NewsletterAnd I started out by asking everyone after they’d all said, “Hello!” how the remembered to come by for the quick training call. 100% of them remembered because they’d just gotten my email reminder. And most had clicked on the link, gone to my website. And were on my website, checking out my blog post while we talked on the conference call.

I then asked how many offered a newsletter option for their website, at the very least including a blog post reminder as part of their weekly contact with buying clients. 85% of those on the call had blog posts included in their ezine, and all but one had an ezine option on their websites.

He called me back after the call and purchased the newsletter option – with blog posts included.

He loves his website, his newsletter, and his blog blast too. And…

His customers are buying products and services off his website. YAY me.

Newsletter Option


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