An ezine is a newsletter published online, sent to your email inbox, for you to read at your leisure. More often than not, there are links from the ezine to your website, where your readers will find more of the story – or more information about your story.

Yet, most business owners online don’t have an ezine, or don’t publish their ezine as often as they should. This can be a problem for your online business, because lack of consistency in your marketing endeavors can create quite a ruckus in your income spreadsheets (those Zeros don’t add much to the bottom line).

So, your question is, how to create a high-quality ezine, or newsletter without adding a lot of work?

I have a few solutions…

You may be stressing over one or more of these issues:

Lack of time – writing and designing a high-quality ezine takes time, especially when you’re giving it away for free. That time could be better spent on other tasks and duties.

Lack of money – hiring someone to write your newsletter can be pricey. Lots of pros design and write newsletters, but they charge a chunk of change for doing so, and  you don’t want to hire anyone who won’t live up to your standards.

Lack of desire – spending all that time on it yourself just isn’t really feasible. You’ve got better things to do, really. You have work, other marketing, and fun time with the family, why would you spend that time working on a newsletter?

Lack of content – you’re already writing a blog post every week, or three days, who has time to create additional, compelling content for readers and subscribers to maintain their interest in your ezine. After all, if they don’t open it and click on the links – what benefit is the ezine to you?

Lack of skill – all that coding required to make an ezine really appealing may not be your cup of tea… So how do you create something of value without that?

We’re back to the high cost of hiring someone, but I have a better solution.

In fact, I have a quick and easy solution that  you’ll probably LOVE more than just about any other solution.

Cut and paste my articles into your newsletter – and hit send.

Below, you’ll find an exemplary list of content that can be used in your newsletter or ezine. Click on the headers, and open the article, then scroll down to ezine publish – select and select the format best used in your ezine publisher.

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